How to increase traffic for website – Strategies linked to Traffic Algorithm

how to increase traffic for website

On one of the days during the locked down period, I suddenly come across a course about learning facebook marketing. An hour later, I see another one, propagating about how to get Instagram likes. A few days later, it was about how to advertise on tiktok. Sometimes it is how to get a following on twitter or how to get more followers on social media.

Do you also confuse increasing traffic with how to how to get more followers on social media?

how to get more followers on social media

Well if you love burning your money in testing one platform after another, please go ahead and consume thousands of such courses available out there. But, it would do good to your business only after consecutive tests, trials and mistakes.

However here I am, with some of the most unique and cost effective strategies on how to increase traffic for website in no time.

But before that, most importantly, lets understand the real problem.

It’s all a herd mentality

One day you get excited seeing someone with a million followers on x platform, another day you see another person on another platform and you would shift all your attention on the latter because everyone else is also doing the same. And this goes on endlessly, wherein your ultimate problem of how to generate traffic on website still remains unaddressed

Infact, there is a bigger problem when you are dependent on growing your traffic or audience on such platforms.

First: It can take endless months and years to grow a large audience base.

This literally means, you would end up wasting your precious time, in first learning, then mastering and then babysitting it to increase the traffic, wherein it would be expected of you to create posts or content every single day, every 15 minutes.  

Second: You are largely dependent on a third party platform

On them have no control, you don’t know if they would be around tomorrow, what algorithms they would come up with tomorrow, what changes they would introduce. Nothing is in your control. But, here is your business, your dream, your family, your vision, your people , your customers, your livelihood and you are ready to put everything at risk at somebody else’s hands.

This just makes no sense.

Moreover, despite so much of efforts above, the key question of how to get traffic on website still keeps cropping in your mind.

Before we get into how to increase traffic for website. Let us understand what actually traffic means

Let say, I am selling a marker and it is my product. Now, Traffic is simply those set of people, who are PRE-interested in the market. PERIOD

I need to tap into or get in front of SUCH people. These people are my REAL traffic.

I am sure you do not want to generate traffic just for the sake of getting some traction.

You basically want that traffic, which can give you maximum sales, so that the cost of customer acquisition remains as low as possible  

In my reckoning, Traffic is everything. If you do not master traffic generation, you don’t have the business of being in a business. However, you better do it from the meaningful sources.

What if I say I can highlight some of the strategies, which would help you answer how to get traffic to your website fast, like within 24 hours?

how to get traffic to your website fast

Try not to breathe for 10 minutes!

Yes ! In 24 hours.

I am not going to talk about any tactic; we would discuss strategy, perhaps only that makes sense. In other words, THE LANGUAGE OF TRAFFIC

Let us start,

1. Influencer marketing:-

This means using the network of some influencers, who have already built an audience base in a particular genre or niche. This means instead of you building out, cultivating and nurturing a following on all these platforms, why not I go to these influencers who already have a million followers.

In the market, we have tons and tons of Instagram influencers, YouTube influencers, Facebook influencers, Tiktok influencers, Twitter influencers, bloggers, podcasts influencers. So instead of you spending your precious time into mastering these platforms, you can literally hijack the readymade, tailor made audience of these influencers. If someone has already dedicated his life into cultivating an audience, why not leverage that. Even if no one knows your name, your brand, you can go and grab traffic at dearth cheap price.

Got your mind rewired?

Everywhere you see, build instragram influencers, get 10000 likes, you are missing out on such a big thing, world will end. Blah blah blah !.

Friends, What do you want ultimately. You want Instagram big following account or you are just bothered about the traffic and sales?

Basically you cant pay bills with attention. These guys mastered the art of getting attention, but most of these influencers are not making big money. You can’t deposit the so called likes into the bank account

Where can I find these influencers?

One such site where you can find such influencers is www.ShoutCart.com.

This is a marketplace of influencers. Any niche, any genre. You can get attention of hundreds of targeted customers for as low as $10 and goes upto $100s.

Besides this, There is another for facebook influencers, www.Upfluence.com

Does your question of how to get traffic to your website, get answered to some extent?

The tips I am giving you, is definitely not about babysitting on social media, or creating posts every 15 minutes to get attention. NO HERD MENTALITY

People, we need to understand the real algorithm of generating traffic. It’s like solving a Rubik’s cube, if you know the formula, you can solve it in seconds.

These tips help you generate fast traffic. No need to wait for weeks and months, you can do it within 24 hours. Moreover, using these sources, you would first stop wasting money on unnecessary traffic generation sources and second you would reduce the customer acquisition cost.

Trust me, you will never think about generating traffic the same way as you have been.

Are you blown away? Lets more to the next one

2. 24 hour traffic: –

There are hundreds of super successful bloggers who have been working on a particular niche for years and have built a huge list of dedicated readers or audience. These bloggers are passionate about a range of genres like cooking, gardening, electronics, photography , finance etc.

To name a few  Pennyhorder, Nerd wallet are giants in the financial niche. They do Millions of dollars of business every year just by selling other people’s products.

You can contact such blog owners directly to get access to their list at some basic cost. You can find many such blogs by searching on google. Just type in your niche + Blog, and you would get 100s of such.

3. Display Media:-

Its about displaying your product banner on to a media space, which has a pre-built audience or traffic for a particular genre or niche:


Wherein you can find publishers or bloggers who can put your banner ad onto their blogs for certain cost. For instance: if your niche is beauty and fashion, you can buy attention  at as low as 15 dollar per 1000 impressions.

Another hack , install google similar pages and identify many such mediator websites ( same as buysellads.com)

Google Display media

Google owns over 80% of the entire internet media, through their product Adsense. Register yourself there and pay only for clicks

4. Syndicate:-

If you have already built a certain audience base, you can get into a tie up with any other company, who has a product which can go in sync with yours. They would be more than happy to give your access to their list, of course at a certain cost or commission       

Now is your query of how to get traffic to your website resolved to a large extent?

Guys, These are just a few, but the fastest, of the 100 other ways to get traffic. You should zero down or tap into the most useful and potent one.

If you master even one out of the above, say influencer marketing, in my view, you will kill it !!

Compare it with a language. You don’t need to learn every other language to survive in the world, one is enough.

Similarly, for a business to thrive, generating traffic from one such source can do wonders for it. Now, it’s another matter how do you convert the traffic into leads and sales through your creative writing and sales skills.

Most people are focusing on 96% of the traffic generation tactics with only 4% of result. Being loud, they are spending their time and energy.

You need to literally flip it because you don’t need a recipe for failure.

Pick up any one of the above techniques; you would generate 96% of the results with just 4% of the traffic generation efforts.

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