How to earn money at home online – Long term sustainable options

how to earn money at home online

The time has come for everyone to think of working on some sort of a passive income. Amidst the Covid-19 crisis, there is no stability of your current job or income. Moreover, as we can see most of the businesses, which were overly dependent on offline interactions, are seeing their revenues tanking

So here I am to walk you through with a practical guide on how to earn money at home online. The options I am going to enumerate are not only genuine but also have long-term sustainability. Moreover, I would also guide you to the mentor, who would be a super expert in the field, under whom if you choose to get trained, nothing can stop you from growing.

But before that, most importantly, let us understand How Covid-19 is going to impact business demand in general:

We believe or not, the corona effect is going to change the dynamics of doing a business, inside out, across all levels, all industries and countries.

People would prefer doing transactions sitting at home, which means the demand would get triggered for those items or service, which are readily available at the access of a button.

Some of the industries, which would take a drastic shift from offline to online, and which would create ample of opportunities to work and earn from home, for all of us are:-

Education or coaching:-

People would avoid going and huddling in groups. They would prefer learning online. The online mode also gives the students the freedom of accessing content anytime anywhere any number of times.

Selling products:-

Businesses would now shift from the traditional method of selling through distributors or agents to selling via online affiliates, who have the power of reaching to masses using the skills of internet marketing.


People would prefer online transactions to shop for their daily or luxury needs, than going to malls or shopping arcades.

What does all of the above indicate?

There couldn’t have been a better opportunity or time to earn from home than 2020. People who are still thinking of doing it or not, would end up getting into the state of deep regret.

Who is the opportunity for?

It doesn’t matter whether you are a home maker or a student or a grand ma. Anybody, literally any one, with a basic computer knowledge and an internet connection, can audaciously dare to think and imagine about making money from home.

Isn’t there too many options out there to earn from home, to get information overloaded?

Well, Not only that, internet is full of work from home scheme scams aswell. A lot of them charge upfront, luring you to give you assignments to earn. Unfortunately, a handful of them are genuine. In my sense, it is very tough to identify who is legitimate or who is not.

What should i expect from this article?

In my article, I would not enumerate any such money making method from home, which are short term and have a high chances of getting fooled at. In other words, I am not listing down options like fill surveys, copy paste articles, click on ads, view ads etc etc, as these do not last long, and cannot be a sustainable income source.

I also have no intention of confusing you with tens and hundreds of options to earn from home.

I am going to introduce some of the smartest, most trustable and long term methods to earn money from home, with zero percent chances of getting cheated. Infact, these sources would give you 10x value of the amount invested.

In addition, I would also guide you the mentors under whom you can learn the smartest ways to execute these. Please note, the ones I am recommending are all extremely genuine, helpful and under whom I have myself taken the training.

How to earn money from home without any investment?

how to earn money from home without any investment

Friends if you are serious about making some genuine and fat money online, there is no way you can do it with zero investment. You must treat this like a business, where in you have spend into tools, your website, hosting, marketing etc.

However, the best part is, you can break even in no time considering all your cost, provided you build in best systems, taking guidance under the top mentors, which I would definitely introduce in this article below.

Is making money from home guaranteed under the sources highlighted?

Guys, nothing is guaranteed if you don’t put in the hard work and your genuine efforts into it. If you would cut corners here and there, try to save money in critical items, chances of failure would be very high.

Don’t get cheap in your journey towards greatness.

I always believe in the law of 4%, as my mentor always says. Only 20% of 20% of 100% would be successful, as only these 4% put in efforts at full throttle, to cash in 96% of the results. Now, its on you you choose to be in the 4% or in the 96% of people who take no serious action.

What are the skills to learn to make money from home?

skills to learn to make money

I would say more than any hard skill, we would need the following soft skills before we get into this journey:

  • A strong mindset of self belief
  • Power of focus
  • Willingness to unlearn and learn something new
  • Consistent effort

Now, Lets get straight into the topic of how to earn money at home online:-

Affiliate Marketing:-

It is defined as a method of selling other people’s product, as agents or affiliates of that company, and earn a commission on the sale.

This has been there since 2 decades, but now a lot of companies, who offer affiliate programs, have products of sub standard quality.

Moreover, the commissions they have on each sale is just one time or transactional. If the same buyer buys products in the future from the platform, you wouldn’t get anything out of it.

Hence, its better to go for a company which gives you life time commissions against a particular customer for each of his successive sales.

One such company, that I would highly recommend, which I am myself following, is fourpercent.com.

They not only make you their affiliates, but also teach you step by step how to market their products.

You can earn commissions upto $300-$400 against each sale, plus you get monthly commissions on products which a particular customer buys or pays.

People are earning thousands to lacs of dollars from fourpercent.com

I have purposefully not listed down any other company as most of them are following a model which is transnational, not long term. Hence, neither i have used them, nor suggesting to you.

Online tutoring or education:-

This is one industry which is taking a new upward tangent altogether, amidst the corona pandemic.

However, there is a certain way you should approach this.

You should design your course curriculum in a very methodical way. Moreover, you should pitch about your course online in a certain way through webinars. You should automate your systems completely in and out.

To do all the above, obviously you would need a mentor, who should guide you or hand hold you at every step.

Fortunately, there is one, Siddharth Rajsekhar. Visit his website www.siddharthrajsekar.com

He is the most genuine person I have come across on the internet. For your information, he took training under fourpercent.com


If you are passionate about writing, you can start your own website from scratch, about a topic you are crazy about. You can earn gradually as you get visitors on your website, using Google ad network.

How do you set up the blog?

For this, either you can go to you to youtube and get the learning, but it would be highly unstructured.

If you want structured and fast learning, you should better prepare yourself to get it from an experienced mentor.

In my view, it is none other than Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju. I have myself got trained under him.

How do you generate visitors on the blog?

If you want free visitors or organic traffic, you should know the art of SEO. That is getting your articles ranked on the first page.

For this I would highly recommend Sanjay Shenoy, who is an expert in the topic. His website: www.sanjayshenoy.com

For paid traffic from google and facebook, I would recommend Deepak Kanakaraju.com, website www.digitaldeepak.com.

Both these people are working together in a firm named Pixel Track. They are on a mission to make lacs of successful Digital Entrpreneurs. They too would hand hold you in your journey of earning from home, through their courses and internship programs.

I have myself gone through their internship programs and trust me I learnt a lot.

Besides above, I don’t intend to confuse you with other sources of learning.

If you are really serious of starting something from home, above are the ways and the mentor references. Just select one of those.

Concluding Notes

There are plenty of options and articles you would come across which would highlight tens and hundreds of ways to earn online.

I could do that too. But it wouldn’t have given any result oriented value to you.

Rather it would have confused you further.

Go for one method, one mentor.

I have given you the most logical, sustainable, trust able method and source of learning.

Change your mindset: See yourself as a millionaire, not just as a Rs. 2 lac per month salaried guy.

Focus on building roots, money is a by product (look at it like a tree).

You will be successful in your journey of earning from home.

Out of 100 %, 80% do nothing, out of this 20 % take action, like buying courses, but still no major action (96% of activities generate 4 percent returns). Now out of these 20%, 20% (4% of 100%), are movers and shakers, their 4% activity generate 96% of the results.

You decide who you want to be.

Start and never stop.

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