How bloggers earn money from blogging – Some Pro tips

How bloggers earn money

The reason you clicked on the article is ofcourse you want to make big bucks out of your blog. But you don’t know how.

You have so many questions hovering around your mind. For instance, how bloggers earn money fast? how to make money with a blog for beginners? Can I make a living out of blogging?

What if I say the answer to all the above is a big YES.

Well I would also say don’t take blogging just as a hobby. It can get you some fat money on the table, consistently.

I mean it.

There are hundreds and thousands of bloggers making thousands of dollars out of their blogs. For instance www.nerdwallet.com or www.thepennyhoarder.com,  to name a couple of them, who are making millions of dollars in revenue per annum.

If they can do it. You too can.

Blogging is not a knowledge problem, it’s an execution problem.

A lot of people don’t even make an attempt to start their blogging journey, in a fear of considering it as rocket science. Whereas, it is the easiest thing to learn, execute and reap rewards, without much of investments.

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Overwhelmed or Confused as to how to earn money from a blog?

Well. You are just at the right place.

Let me make an attempt to unsolve this dilemma of yours.

See, You could be at one out of the four stages in your blogging journey currently

  1. Don’t have a blog yet, at the moment exploring if blogging is a good earning option or not
  2. Would like to start blogging, but not yet zeroed down on a niche.
  3. Have set up a blog with a few articles. I know there are quite a few ways of how to earn from blogging but I don’t know how to monetize my blog. 
  4. Monetizing with my blog already. I want to explore more ways to earn from blogging.

It doesn’t matter at which stage you are currently or what your niche is. The fact of the matter is, people are minting money out of their blogs.

WARNING: It’s not a get rich quick scheme.

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If you are mesmerized with the pictures of swanky cars and big mansions, or working from a beach, then perhaps you are looking at earning from blogging in a wrong context. I would suggest, you may close the article right away.

See, It requires patience, perseverance and correct guidance. If you do it right, your blog can make you earn enough to support your family or even make you filthy rich.

Let me quickly set some expectations from the article before we get into the real stuff that you are looking for.

In the article I am listing down some of the smartest and most effective or proven ways showcasing how do bloggers make money

How bloggers earn money

For each of the ways, I would write a small summary about it, which would briefly introduce the method to you. Each of these methods can be a whole topic or course in itself, which I would cover in my future articles, each as a separate topic. 

However, after reading through the article, you would not only get sure of entering into the blogging world but also would zero down on methods to monetize a blog

Super excited?

Lets deep dive and actually see how bloggers earn money?

Earn from Ads placed on your blog article

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See there are many companies or brands who want to increase their website traffic through paid ads. When such companies or brands put ads on your website, they are willing to pay you for each click or impression your blog article would generate for them.

Please note they would be willing to put article on your blog only if your article’s niche matches with their product, which they are promoting.

Now you may think how to approach these companies

Don’t worry. The technology is pretty advanced now. Companies like google acts as an aggregator of both such companies and blog publishers like us, through a product tool of theirs, Google Adsense.

All you need to do it, is sign up for Google Adsense and follow the step by step process (There are plenty of videos on youtube or articles online to help you set up google adsense on your blog)

Once installed on your blog, google adsense would automatically display ads, of different companies, changing it at regular intervals, basis what is relevant to the content you have written.

There are many other programs like Google Adsense, like Media.net, Propeller Ads, Bidvertiser, Adsterra,Revenue hits, Pop Ads.

Moreover , you may directly contact brands or websites in your niche, to place their banners on your blog provided you have significant traffic hitting.

You may check if they have an ad program for publishers. You need to then just put their banners (as shared by them), and you are ready to earn.

On the flip side, if you have considerable traffic volume, the advertisers themselves can touch base with you. Best part about dealing directly with the advertisers is that you can have your customized ad rates, with no sharing of commissions with any ad platform

Earn from Affiliate marketing

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What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing means you are an associate of a particular brand or company,  you are marketing their product on your platform and earning commissions out of it.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Basically , the advertiser would give you a unique link or in other words and affiliate code, using which, he would identify that the sale has come through you.

You have to place this link, (which is sometimes back coded in the form of banners or other marketing materials, given to you by the advertiser), on your blog

This link then would redirect on a landing page, which explains about the product you are promoting. If the reader of your blog clicks on the ad or banner and the sale happens, you would get the commission, as the link is hard coded to you.

I personally know people who are earning millions per annum or even per month from affiliate marketing.

How many products can I promote in one blog?

See you could have hundreds of products being marketed on your blog. But what is important is all of them should be in sync with the Niche of your blog, else it would not generate desired results, where in the reader would end up getting confused while he is on your blog.

How can I contact these advertisers who want to promote their product?

You may not need to contact them directly. A lot of them register themselves with affiliate networks, which act as a mediator between advertisers and affiliate marketers.

I can name a few affiliate networks. For instance, Amazon Associates, Commision Junction (www.cj.com), www.Clickbank.com , www.sharesale.com.

Out of all the above, there is one company I would highly recommend : Fourpercent.com

What is so special about this company and how are they different?

  • They give you commission for a customer for lifetime. For instance, if your customer buys a product from their website, you would not only get commission for that particular transaction, but also for all the future transactions by that particular customer. This means the customer would get hard coded to your affiliate account.
  • Moreover, even if the customer visits the page and leaves. And later comes back, to make the transaction, it would still be yours. This means the customer gets hardcoded even at the prospect stage (provided he doesn’t clear his cookies before he comes back to make the transaction)
  • You can earn upto 40% commission against each of these.
  • They have a 24 hour live support. In my personal experience, they have the best chat support system a customer can ever expect.
  • Most of the affiliate programs, neither have this hard coding system nor such high rates of commission.

Are there any success stories?

  • Perhaps many.
  • I can vouch for one guy I personally know, siddharth rajsekar, who has been taking mentorship under fourpercent.com. He was recently interviewed by the owner himself, upon crossing a million dollar in earnings in 20 months, implementing the four percent model. Check his interview out
  • The owner of the company, vick strizheus, himself earns millions of dollars in a month. 
  • The company has its own set of products created out of deep experience into Affiliate marketing.
  • The products are mostly educational based, which help you become a highly successful entrepreneur, irrespective of your current work status or age.
  • As these products focus on setting up a business, or building an empire out of a laptop, or making money long tem and sustainable, these become easy to market.
  • They are not only acting as an affiliate company, but also teaching you how to set up your affiliate business from scratch, through multiple products of their own.
  • In addition, they are doing free live sessions every day (Monday through Friday), helping you become a disciplined entrepreneur, to make your day to day life more organized.

What products does fourpercent.com have?

  • Affiliate marketing Academy ($10000 Success challenge): This gives you a step by step approach to show you how you can earn $10000 per month. Moreover in this academy, they have mastermind classes every week, helping your implement your affiliate marketing businesses.
  • Internet Traffic Academy:- This is literally the bible of traffic. It teaches you the language or algorithm of traffic generation.
  • Similarly they have multiple categories of products, where in now, they have added products of other successful entrepreneurs as well.
  • Standing today they have more than 50 products, some of these are owned, some are very methodically hand picked and added in the fourpercent cart.
  • I would highly recommend each of you to go alteast sign up with the company. Its absolutely free. You would give free access to live videos.
  • In addition, you can start the affiliate marketing business with them free of cost, by promoting their products in your already built up network.
  • Or if you may want to take training from them for a step by step affiliate marketing guidance ( in the programs highlighted above), you may sign up for that aswell at a certain cost.
  • Please note all their products have 30 days money back guarantee.

Sell your own products

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If you are not willing to advertise other people’s product on your blog, you may promote your own product in the blog.

The products can be Digital Products like an Ebook, an online course about a subject you master in.

Or these can be physical products that you deal in. For the same you may use the platform of Shopify.in, which would easily help you in setting up the entire product cart and payment system.

Write reviews on a product in your selected niche

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Letsay you pick Insurance niche. You are writing articles about best insurance products, returns from insurance products etc.

You should aim to become an authority blogger in this particular niche, with extreme focus on content related to only this niche.

Then you may start writing reviews about various insurance products. The insurance companies would then start approaching you on their own and pay you for each generated sale.

Some Frequently asked question around how to earn money from a blog

What is the minimum investment I can start my blog?

  • A domain name:- This can range between INR 500-INR 1000 per annum
  • A hosting package:- This can start from INR 300 to INR 500 per month, depending upon the package you take. These rates are for the most basic plan

Skills required in the blogging journey?

  1. Writing:- If you can write solutions to a problem in a very precise yet convincing way, this skill can really come handy.
  2. Content research:- Whatever topic you begin to write on, you need to be thorough with the concepts and details around it. Hence, it is very important for you to research about a topic across all the available resources and then make your attempt into building your own content.
  3. SEO skills:- SEO or search engine optimization is a method of optimizing your content for a search query on a search engine. If someone searches for where can I learn digital marketing. He would typically get millions of search results provided you have an optimized article.
  4. Apart from above you need to have a bit of patience, dedication and consistency in efforts.

Can I work from home in the blogging business in the long run?

Yes. Not only can you work from home, but also at your own time convenience.

Is there any prerequisite to start my blogging journey?

Whether you are a 12 year old or a 90 year old human being, it doesn’t matter. Anyone can do it.

Tools required?

  1. A domain name
  2. A web hosting Package
  3. A wordpress platform (which comes with the hosting package):- very easy to use
  4. Some plugins that again comes with the hosting package

Concluding notes on how bloggers earn money

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earning from blogging

Following are the prerequisites for a successful career in blogging:-

  • Well researched content with high quality:- Whatever query or topic you are solving, you must do a thorough research of what can be the right solution to that. Be resourceful, research other websites for the answers. Summarize and bring your best solution forward.
  • Persistence:- If you are persistent in creating consistent content on your blog, it can you pretty well in the long run
  • Avoid junk content:- Don’t write a content just for the sake of writing. If you think, it would bring real value to the reader, publish the content
  • Patience:- If you do not earn a dime out of the methods above, for months, don’t get dis-heartened. Be patient, focus on the process, learn with the right mentors (as highlighted above in the article), and the results would come eventually.

Blogging is a long-term game. Its not like I start today, I start earning from tomorrow, I earn forever. You have to put in consistent effort and hard work.

You don’t need to go for all the methods explained above. Just pick one and go for it.

Very soon I would be writing an article giving you a concrete action plan to get your blog rolling within 48 hours.

In the meantime, you could also check out my other articles posted on the blog:

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